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A Chance to Be Apart Our Community's Day of Giving!

Parent Connection is excited to again partake in the Fairfield County Giving Day being held, digitally on Thursday, February 25th.

In recognizing the year we’ve had with repercussions of Covid-19, self-isolation along with greater abuse of substances, the work of our organization to assist families and individuals through these times is crucial. Essential, really.

Our sole mission is to educate and empower our community in the prevention of substance abuse and to embrace families in crisis.

While this 24-hour period is about “giving”, we’re hopeful that it will bring more awareness to individuals seeking help or for family members not knowing where to turn. We’re here for you. It’s what we do.

Parent Connection originated in Newtown in 1993 after my own son became addicted and subsequently died at age 28 of a prescription drug overdose.

We have now expanded our Hope & Support groups into Fairfield/Milford, Watertown/Waterbury and our main group being Newtown. It’s why we’ve changed our website to – because we recognize this isn’t solely a one community issue. There’s a need in every community.

If you’re able to contribute this Giving Day, we encourage you to do so. If now’s not the time – we get that too – but we’re hopeful you’ll take the time to learn more about who we are and how we can help.

To learn more and contribute on February 25th visit ."


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