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School Leaders Embrace ‘Teen Talk’ Partnership While Students Gravitate To Counselors

We are very excited to have been able to fund Kids in Crisis in the Middle School,” Carolan told The Newtown Bee.

“After a couple of successful years at the high school, I heard that the Middle School was looking to bring in the program but didn’t have funding allocated,” she explained. Due to the temporary closure of school as the pandemic took hold, Carolan said Parent Connection was unable to sponsor any community or in-school programs.

“So we re-allocated funds to bring Kids in Crisis to the middle school,” she said. “This support program is now available to all students there, whether they may be experiencing substance issues, depression, altercations with friends or family or other issues — the best part being the availability of support 24/7.”

From her impressive initial meeting with Managing Director and MSW Denise Qualey, Carolan says the program has proven to be very effective.

“I am so grateful to have been able to bring this to our community,” she added.


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