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Parent Connection receives $10,000 AT&T Grant

By Shannon Hicks Newtown Bee, November 6, 2018

The announcement of the grant was made on October 16 by NPC Founder Dorrie Carolan; Harry Carey, director of external affairs, AT&T; Newtown First Selectman Daniel Rosenthal, and State Senator Tony Hwang. The four sat down at NPC’s headquarters to discuss the grant early that Tuesday afternoon, having just returned from Fairfield, where they visited a second location that will be utilized by NPC.

The grant, Mr Carey explained, is a way for the large corporation to feel a vested interested in the communities it serves and where its employees also reside.

“We want to be in touch with our customers,” Mr Carey explained. “We live here, too, and we’re looking for organizations that make an impact. It’s very easy to talk about certain problems that affect people, but to really be close to the people who are suffering and need help is really at the heart of what this grant is.


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