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2008 Family Fun Night

Tickets are sold out!

Last year was so much fun – we’re doing it again!  Join us!!!  The Newtown Parent Connection, partially funded by the Newtown Prevention Council, will be hosting a “Family Fun Night”.

The event promises to be an entertaining evening for the entire family.  Dinner will include ziti and meatballs, salad, beverages, and ice cream sundaes for dessert.  There will be a magician, music, Baro the K-9 Officer, and face painting.

Eating dinner together every night is an opportunity to open the doors of communication with your children.  Newtown Parent Connection and Newtown Prevention Council are encouraging parents to take this time and enjoy a wonderful evening out with your children.

The aim of Family Fun Night is to encourage families to act on the realization that family time and relationships are important for leading healthy lives.  Many times our occupations and busy schedules interfere with our best intentions to spend quality time with loved ones.  We encourage all Newtown residents to join in more opportunities for bonding, by setting one day a week aside without scheduled activities and homework in order to increase family communications and interaction.  We hope that families will decide that this is a valuable undertaking, and make a concerted effort to set aside quality “family time” on a regular basis, with no goal other than the enjoyment they get from being together.  By committing to a ritual of regular family gatherings or events, we believe much will be gained; allowing families to strengthen as a unit and grow in a spirit of mutual love, support, and the cohesiveness that leads to healthy, loving families and a great community.


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